Make wrapping gifts quick and easy with the Gift Wrap Cutter.

Get perfect cuts every time with the circular blade that’s safe for the entire family to use.

The Gift Wrap Cutter is perfect for cutting many types of paper including cellophane, parchment, wax, aluminum foil, construction and more. It’s lightweight and easy to store along with your wrapping paper.


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Gift Wrap Cutter


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Weight 2.8 lbs
Dimensions 34 x 6 x 4 in

Replacement Cutting Blade (2-pack)


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Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 2 x 2 x .2 in




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Product details

Paper Roll Size

The Gift Wrap Cutter can accommodate up to 30″ wide X 50′ in length.

Cutting Blade

The safe circular blade is replaceable and long lasting.

Types of Paper

Can be used to cut many types of paper including cellophane, parchment, wax, aluminum foil, construction paper and more.


Light weight and easy to store with your gift wrap paper.





Take a look at what a few of our happy customers have to say.

  • Love my gift wrap cutter. With five children, their spouses, eighteen grandchildren and seven great grands, there are always gifts to wrap. The gift wrap cutter is so much fun to use, both for me and my ten year old grandson. I also discovered that it will cut shelf lining straighter and in very little time. Amazing product. Just love it!

    Meg P.
  • I just wrapped 12 gifts using four different papers lickety-split! I love the Gift Wrap Cutter and highly recommend it!

    Christine I.
  • This product is such a huge time saver! With 14 nieces and nephews, and my son’s 27 classmates’ birthday parties, I find myself using the product year-round. I must have wrapped 100+ presents, and the blade is still sharp!

    V. Suh
  • I LOVE this paper cutter. I am not a big fan of gift bags for every gift I give. I do love using wrapping paper to personalize a gift and presentation is everything in gift giving. The Gift Wrap Cutter is just what I needed to help make my task easier. There are multiple ways to place wrapping paper and cut the pieces smaller. I particularly like that the cutter itself is child safe and user friendly.

    Mary P.
  • The first time I used the Gift Wrap Cutter was over Christmas and I was not disappointed. It was easy to use and the best thing was that I did not need to go searching for scissors! Very easy to use and it functions well.

    Kim C.
  • AMAZING!! It is super easy to use the Gift Wrap Cutter and it is not only for Christmas wrapping. I use it for wrapping any gift!

    Jennifer B.
  • The Gift Wrap Cutter really made wrapping gifts fast and easy. We got clean straight cuts and no crumpling of the paper. Minimal waste and professional results. We can’t imagine Christmas without this device.

    Oscar and Cindy B.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the cutting blade on the Gift Wrap Cutter replaceable?
Yes, the cutting blade is replaceable.

Where will I be able to buy a new cutting blade?
Replacement blades will be available at most places that sell the Gift Wrap Cutter and on our website.

Is the Gift Wrap Cutter safe for use around children?
Yes. The Gift Wrap Cutter has been designed to be safe for kids.

What size gift wrap rolls will the Gift Wrap Cutter fit?
It will hold any wrapping paper roll 30 inches wide or smaller and 2 1/2 inches in diameter.

What are the dimensions of the Gift Wrap Cutter?
When closed, the Gift Wrap Cutter is 33.5 inches wide, 5.0 inches tall and 5.5 inches deep. For regular use, allow 10 inches front to back and 8 inches top to bottom for easy opening and closing of the lid. If the roll is too thick to fit in the Gift Wrap Cutter initially, you can insert the paper under the cutting bar to cut your paper (see the demonstration video on the “Videos” page of our website). Once the roll is smaller in diameter, you can place the roll inside the cutter.

Will the Gift Wrap Cutter cut any other kinds of paper?
Yes. It will cut parchment, wax paper, aluminum foil, freezer paper, brown shipping paper, craft paper, contact paper, construction paper and most shelf liner.

Will the Gift Wrap cutter cut ribbon?
The Gift Wrap Cutter cuts most kinds of ribbon as long as it doesn’t have any wire in it, just remember to push down firmly when cutting.

Will the Gift Wrap Cutter cut cellophane?
Yes. It will cut most kinds of cellophane.